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How do I track my shopper’s orders?

Order Tracking 

A parcel can be tracked once it has been successfully submitted by a shopper through the internet retailer’s website with the shipment data transmitted completely and accurately into the i-parcel system.

Next, the order has to be fulfilled by the retailer and shipped out to an i-parcel facility.

  • Tracking is available here 
  • Clicking on the i-parcel tracking number from the dashboard will also take you to the i-parcel tracking site
  • You will need an i-parcel tracking number to search for parcels on the i-parcel tracking site.
  • A successfully fulfilled and the delivered parcel will show transit events on our website.
  • When a parcel has been delivered you may also see information about the LMC (Last Mile Carrier) used to deliver the parcel to the shopper with the (vendor) local carrier’s tracking number. This feature is available for Canada and Australia.