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Are there different kinds of returns?

Types of Returns

  • Non-exportable refer to packages that do not export because of certain exceptions. These packages will need to be sent back to the merchant’s return address
    • Bad/Incomplete/Incorrect address
    • Banned item
    • Parcel is damaged
    • Fraud
    • Missing Tax ID
    • Payment failed
    • Duplicate tracking ID
    • Other restrictions by the destination country etc
  • Undeliverable are packages that exported but were undeliverable in the destination country. Select packages will be returned only from 5 destinations -UK/CA/AU/HK/NO. Other destinations will result in package abandonment unless merchant instructs otherwise during on-boarding. Some reasons why packages are undeliverable include:
    • Missing key address components (apt#, accurate street name, physical location, etc)
    • Customer refused
    • Failed delivery attempts
  • Customer Returns are true returns initiated by the shopper after the package has been delivered. Customer Returns will be available from all serviced areas. These can be initiated within the dashboard https://globalaccess.i-parcel.com/ or from the merchants’ website. Customer Returns can only be processed once the parcel has a delivery scan in the system.