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How do I make a return for a customer?

You can create a return for a parcel that a shopper wants to return to you using the Global Access Dashboard.


  • You have Global Access credentials.
  • Your role settings are set to either “Admin”, “Merchant,” or “Returns”.

If your access permits, you will see the Returns menu in the navigation pane on the left of the screen.

Navigation > Returns” class=”wp-image-288″/></a><figcaption><em>Navigation > Returns</em></figcaption></figure>

<p>The Returns menu has two screens: </p>

<ul><li>Execute – where you select and complete a return label</li><li>View – where you can view any previously completed returns</li></ul>

<h4>View Returns</h4>

<p>By accessing the Returns > View tab, you will see all UPS i-Parcel in-network returns that have processed. You will see various statuses for these returns</p>

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Returns > View” class=”wp-image-290″ width=”175″ height=”95″/></a><figcaption>Returns > View</figcaption></figure></div>

<figure class=Previously returned parcels
Previously returned parcels

Within the Returns grid, you can highlight an return and execute various commands.

  • Original – This button lets you view the original order’s details.
Returns > Original

Execute Returns

Execute Returns Demo
Executing a return via Global Access

The Execute return screen allows the issue of returns for delivered parcels.

Execute > Returns” class=”wp-image-295″/></a><figcaption>Execute > Returns<br><br></figcaption></figure></div>

<ul><li>Step 1: Find the order</li></ul>

<p>In the search box, enter a tracking number, email address, order reference number, or other details to find an order. </p>

<figure class=Find the order
  • Step 2: Select an order

You will see a list of parcels matching the search criteria in subsequent section.

Select the order to return
Select the order to return
  • Step 3: Execute the return

After finding and selecting the appropriate return, the Dashboard will display an Order Details screen with additional fields.

This section can be used to issue a free return label and: Refunding Partial Orders, Refunding Full Orders, Refunding Shipping, and Refunding because a promo code is not working.

In this screen, enter the number of items and the amount to refund. By default, the shopper is not refunded the original shipping cost and pays for the return shipping cost. These are reflected in the default refund amount. Changing these values transfers costs to the merchant and should only be changed by explicit request.

  • To refund the shopper of the original shipping cost, select the Include button.
  • To not charge the shopper for the return shipping cost, select the Exclude button.
Return details
Enter the return details
  • A cancellation email will be sent to the address in the “Email to” field, which by default, includes the recipient’s email address. You can add an additional email address, Notes or an RMA# to the return.
  • The shopper will be emailed a return label and commercial invoice as shown below.  
Sample return label 1
Sample return label
Sample commercial invoice
Sample commercial invoice

You can view the completed return in the Returns > View screen.