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How do I install the PrestaShop Shipping Only solution?


Prior to beginning the PrestaShop integration, the following assumptions are made

  1. Access to the PrestaShop admin
  2. The PrestaShop store is version 1.6 or higher
  3. Own a Global Access Dashboard account and have access to the user credentials

Installation Instructions

If you have not done so already, please download the ZIP file containing the PrestaShop installation module. You can download the module with this link:https://www.i-parcel.com/extensions/prestashop/upsiparcello.zip

Next, login into your online store’s admin view.

PrestaShop admin login screen
PrestaShop admin login screen

Navigate to Modules section (Module Catalog).

PrestasShip Modules
PrestasShip > Modules

Select “Install a module”.

PrestaShop install module
Select Install a Module

Select “select file” and select the downloaded PrestaShop module zip file from your computer.

PrestaShip ZIP file
Select “select file” to upload the Prestaship zip file

After installation, select “Configure”.

Prestaship Configure success
Select Configure to continue

On the configuration page, enter in the UPS i-parcel keys and script IDs to work.

Prestashop Configuration
Enter your UPS i-parcel credentials

The keys and script IDs are required for the module to work. More specifically, the live key and live script ID must be configured when the module is set to live mode. The same applies for the test key and test script ID when setting to the Test mode.

For convenience, there is also an option for users to import your Global Access account’s UPS i-parcel keys and script IDs quicker, by logging in with your Global Access credentials, then going to the Integrate screen:

API keys Customer ID
Global Access Dashboard Integration > Current Integration settings