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How do I install the Magento (M1) Shipping Only solution?

This section describes starting and setting-up the UPS i-parcel Logistics extension for Magento M1.


  1. You have a Magento admin account.
  2. You have a UPS i-parcel Global Access account.

Get the extension

  1. We can send you a zip file with the extension
  2. Login into your UPS i-parcel Global Access Dashboard
  3. Use the Magento Extension Marketplace: https://marketplace.magento.com/partner/UPSiparcel

Setting up the UPS i-parcel extension

Get your customer ID and API key.

UPS i-parcel Global Access login
UPS i-parcel Global Access login
  • Select the </> Integrate! Option in the left panel
Global Access > Integrate screen” class=”wp-image-315″/></a><figcaption>Global Access > Integrate</figcaption></figure>

<ul><li>In this screen, note your Company ID and Private API key, which you will need when you’re setting up the Magento extension. </li></ul>

<ul><li>Log into your Magento Admin Panel with your credentials. </li></ul>

<figure class=Magento admin panel login screen
Magento Admin Panel
  • After logging in to Magento, select the UPS i-parcel tab then select Configuration.
Magento configuration screen
Enter the Configuration menu



You will see the following options in the configuration screen.

These are the initial settings of the extension. Select the Save Config button to commit any changes.

  • Company ID: This is your UPS i-parcel Company ID number.
  • Web Service Key (GUID): This is your UPS i-parcel API key.
  • Dashboard: Select this button to go to the Global Access Dashboard.
Magento general configuration settings
Configuration > General

Tax Interception

This screen asks you how to display tax and duty on your website.

Disabled: You can opt not to show Tax and Duty.
Enabled – Tax & Duty cumulatively: You can opt to show Tax and Duty on separate lines.
Enabled – Tax and Duty separately: You can show Tax and Duty as one line item.

Tax Intercepting
Tax Intercepting

Synchronization > Catalog Mapping

This section describes how to synchronize your Magento catalog with the copy of your catalog at UPS i-parcel.

Catalog Mapping
Catalog Mapping


This screen asks if and how often you want to update the Global Access catalog.

  • Disabled: You can turn off automatic catalog updates.
  • On product save: You can update the catalog when you save product information in your Magento catalog.
  • Cron job: You can update the catalog at pre-scheduled time intervals.
Catalog Mapping
Catalog mapping options


This screen asks how to handle uploads to the UPS i-parcel catalog.

  • Upload Catalog: Select this button to upload to the UPS i-parcel catalog immediately.
  • Upload Step Size: The Upload Step Size describes how many SKUs to upload at once. If your catalog has 1000 SKUs and you put 100 here, the extension will make 10 SubmitCatalog API requests to send the catalog to Global Access.
  • Upload offset: If you put a number here, and your catalog upload is interrupted, then the re-upload will begin at the SKU after this number. This is mostly a concern for catalogs of 250 thousand SKUs or larger.
Catalog upload settings
Catalog upload settings

Catalog Mapping Attributes

Use these fields to map your field names in Magento to Global Access.

  • Attribute(s): You can use the Attribute fields to map the attributes to Global Access attribute elements. UPS i-parcel uses attributes for classification purposes. The items in the dropdown are propagated by the product attributes set up in Magento
  • HS Code: HS Code refers to the item’s Harmonization Code.
  • Ship Alone: Ship Alone is either True or False. True means the item can ship by itself. False means the item can be can be bundled with other items. The value is false by default.
  • Price Type: This field refers to configurable products – products that require the shopper to select certain options selected before adding them to the cart. By default, we the price associated with the item SKU. However, we can also take the price of the parent or configurable SKU. For example, if Red-Hood is the parent product, we can use its price. Or we can use the price of its children i.e. Red-Hood- or Red-Hood-XL.
Catalog mapping attributes
Catalog mapping attributes

Shipping Methods

The Shipping Methods screen is native to Magento.

Shipping methods
Magento shipping methods
  • Enabled: Select Yes here to enable UPS i-parcel as a shipping option.
  • Title: You can label the shipping method with this field.
Shipping Methods
Enabling UPS i-parcel as a shipping method

Allowed Services: Select the UPS i-parcel service enabled with your account. Options include:

  • 112 UPS i-parcel Express
  • 115 UPS i-parcel Select
  • 119 UPS i-parcel Saver
  • 211 UPS Standard
  • 208 UPS Expedited
  • 265 UPS Saver
  • 207 UPS Express
  • 254 UPS Express Plus

Name of Displayed Payment Method: You can edit the name in this field.

Use alternate country of origin: If you select “Yes” in this field, then you can choose an origin country that differs from the country selected in “Shipping Settings.”

Country of Origin: If the shopper’s destination country differs from the origin country selected using the dropdown in this field, the UPS i-parcel shipping method will be available.

Country of Origin settings
Country of Origin settings

Ship to Applicable Countries / Ship to Specific Countries: In these sections, you can apply shipping options to the countries selected here. You will still need to select countries in the UPS i-parcel Global Access Dashboard > Business Setting > Supported Destinations to update where you want to ship .

Shipping to applicable countries
Shipping to applicable countries

Auto Generate Shipment: Enable this option to generate a Magento shipment automatically when the order completes.
Auto Generate Tracking on Shipping: Enable this option to submit a parcel automatically when the shipment is created.
Completed Orders Use Different Order Prefix: You can enter a prefix in this field to differentiate UPS i-parcel from other shipping methods. Leave blank for no prefix.
Send Order Number as Reference: This allows Magento order numbers to become the reference fields in the UPS i-parcel Global Access Dashboard.

Additional shipment settings
Additional shipment settings